3-Gun Shooting is a Multi-Gun practical timed shooting event where transitioning between handguns, rifles and shotguns (or other various types) are required. 3-Gun Shooting is competed at IPSC/USPSA matches which require the shooter to move through various stages of scenarios and engage targets at a variety of positions.

This sport is rapidly rising in popularity as it combines multi-gun handling skills, speed and accuracy across three different platforms. This course provides the fundamentals of developing your aptitude in competition.

1. Overview of the ‘Steel Shooting’ and ‘USPSA Practical Shooting’ Courses
2. Review and application of multiple gun disciplines: pistol, rifle/carbine, shotgun
3. Strategies and approach to succeeding in the 3-Gun challenge
4. Review and instruction on for the 3-Gun, including USPSA Rules and Regulations



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