This course will take you through:

* Understanding the fundamentals of Battle Zero

* Aligning your sights to Battle Zero

* Understanding your Front Sight / Rear Sights

* Proper Zero of your weapon system

* Point of Aim / Point of Impact

* Zero basics @ 25 yds

* Understanding the difference in Zero @ 25 yds, 35 yds, 50 yds and 100 yds

* Proper marksmanship fundamentals

* Data gathering up to 200 yds


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  • M4 AK 47 BZO

    M4 AK 47 BZO

    Carbine I is a basic class designed for new carbine shooters and for those who have not had any formal training. We cover all the basics of the Carbine including sighting systems, zeroing and targets out to 500 yards.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Defensive Handgun I from Jomar Tactical or equivalent from an Jomar Tactical recognized school. Current LE/MIL exempt.

    M4 AK 47 BZO

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