Our Primary Range for training is the beautiful OK Corral Gun Club in Okeechobee, Florida. The facility has many amazing amenities which include bathroom facilities, showers, an excellent restaurant, a range office and an onsite general store. Depending on the class being offered, we ask that you bring ample supplies mentioned below for a day spent in the beautiful outdoor range and shooting Park.

For your comfort and everyone’s safety, please read the list of attire to wear or not wear for your training.

Don’t Wear:

  • A tank top, low cut top, top with an open midriff, sleeveless top, etc – this is for your comfort and safety!!!
  • Shorts, skin tight jeans, skirt or pants where you can’t store ammunition in the pockets
  • High heels, spike heels, open toe shoes or any other shoes you would not wear for hiking.
  • A skinny fashion belt that is useless with a holster attached to it.
  • Tiny sunglasses that do not cover your eyes. Again, this is a safety issue.

Don’t Wear clothes inappropriate for an outdoor shooting range environment!

Do Wear:

  • A short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt that tucks into your pants so that you can draw from the holster without any impediment
  • Loose-fitting pants with big pockets to put ammunition in – Cargo pants are highly recommended!! BE SURE these pants have loops for you to put a belt through!!!
  • Comfortable sneakers, boots or other shoes appropriate for hiking and walking over outdoor terrain
  • A sturdy belt that fits through your pant loops
  • Sunglasses are required at all times on the range
  • Hearing protection

Wear clothes appropriate for an outdoor shooting range environment!

Supplies you will need:

  • High protein snacks such as nuts, protein bars, etc
  • Fresh fruit – but please no fruit drinks as they attract bees
  • Sunscreen
  • A baseball cap
  • No Sugared drinks
  • A jacket or sweater for a night shoot or a cold day
  • Clear glasses (for a night shoot)
  • Rain gear when appropriate (yes, we conduct training in the rain!)
  • Ammunition for the day
  • Knee pads for H.I.P.S., Tac Handgun II and all Rifle and Shotgun classes

Note: If you have a medical condition needing medication, recent surgery, pregnancy please contact your physician, have your physician or health care professional fill a Physicians Release for Exercise form and inform us so we can monitor you throughout the course. (For your safety)


Please email us if you have questions.