Class Cancellations and Re-scheduling

We understand that people have busy lives and sometimes need to re-schedule a class. However, our instructors and our range staff are planned according to class size, so when students schedule and re-schedule, it creates problems. We often have waiting lists for classes, so last minute cancellations or no-shows make it quite difficult for us to allow someone to take your spot. Please be sure the class you sign up for works for your schedule and make the commitment to be there!

Here is our cancellation policy:

When you sign up for a class, your credit is good for up to one year from the original class date as long as you notify us at least ONE WEEK in advance that you cannot attend. Those who have not given us at least ONE WEEK of notice or do not show up at the class will lose their credit and have to purchase the class all over again at the full original price. If you have a true emergency, please provide us with documentation. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS.

Transfer credit/re-schedule one time – $50 re-scheduling fee
Transfer credit/re-schedule a second time – $150 re-scheduling fee
Transfer credit/re-schedule a third time – NOT ALLOWED – Class must be purchased again at original full price.

Discounted Classes – We sometimes offer discounts on various classes and if you would like to take advantage of one, but don’t know if you will be available on that specific class date you may “float” the credit for up to one year until you are ready to commit to a firm date for the class. But please do not put your name on a specific class list unless you have checked your schedule and you are confident the date works for you.

Transferring Credit – Class credits are NOT transferable to another person OR between weapons systems. If you purchase a class and cannot attend, with at least one week’s notice we will be happy to hold that credit for you for up to one year. If you have had surgery or another issue which prevents you from attending a class, we will be happy to discuss extending the credit for a longer period. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Physical Conditions

We conduct training in every kind of weather condition.  At times it can be very hot, very cold or even raining at the range, but most of the time the weather is Sunny in Florida.  We make every effort to see that our students are comfortable, but it is very important that everyone dress according to the weather and bring the necessary supplies.

For hot weather – Please wear layers that can be removed, a rimmed cap or hat, bring sunscreen and gallons of water and/or Gatorade.  Staying hydrated on a hot day is imperative!

For cooler weather – Please wear layers of warm clothes, gloves, a beanie or cap, and warm liquids will keep you comfortable.  We suggest water-proof gear with hoods and boots on rainy days.   We take many breaks in inclement weather to allow everyone to get cooled down, heated up or dry.  We have several overhang to provide shelter for those hot and rainy days when needed.

Finally, please be realistic about your ability to participate in a specific course.  You will be asked to sign a waiver stating that you are in good physical condition and able to complete the course that you are attending.  If you are not in the best physical shape or have any conditions which might compromise your safety or that of others, please let us know immediately.  A few of our classes are just too strenuous for some students and we will be glad to recommend a class that might better suit you.  We will also recommend that you take several small breaks if you are getting tired.  While we like to put on challenging courses, ultimately your comfort and safety is our first concern.

Arrivals and Departures

Classes begin promptly at the times listed on our web page.  Please be sure to get to the range 15 minutes before class so that we can get started on time.

If you need to leave the range before the class is over, please let the instructor know in advance so he or she is not searching for you.  If you are not feeling well, please consult one of our staff for their advice before leaving the range.

If you must leave early, we cannot stop the class to hand out your certificate.  We will be glad to mail your class certificate to you.