This class is an entry level course for handgun shooters and is designed specifically for those who have some to no formal instruction.


Why has JOMAR Tactical designed Low Intensity Pistol Shooting L.I.P.S.TM and High Intensity Pistol Shooting H.I.P.S.TM as Female ONLY shooting courses? Having a female only shooters course will create an environment that will enhance their ability to shoot properly, receiving the full wealth of knowledge and personal attention needed to be an effective pistol shooter. This provides a more tailored training environment for the female shooter.


Low Intensity Pistol Shooting and High Intensity Pistol Shooting H.I.P.S were created by JOMAR TACTICAL to teach female students a different approach to tactical handgun training for today’s changing environment. L.I.P.S. training was designed specifically for woman that want a challenge and gain advance pistol shooting skills. L.I.P.S. training will refresh your basic shooting fundamentals while preparing the students for more advance techniques.


High Intensity Pistol Shooting: A course designed for those students with good handgun experience to take them to the next level. This 8 hour day course is dynamic, hands on, live fire course that focuses on mindset, terminal ballistics and rapid threat analysis, target acquisition, shooting on the move, multiple target engagement, and surgical shooting. This course is a hands on live fire course with very limited time spent in the classroom.

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L.I.P.S. & H.I.P.S. Combined Course Package: $400.00